Connectors for Low Voltage  power , signal and data , indoors and outdoors.

The important link between power, control and load.

LedShed stock a range of proven connectors to allow fast installation and trouble free operation.

Common LED and low voltage power and control connectors including 

Miniature                                               Solder Free quick connectors

Multipin                                                 Tool Free clamp connectors

Waterproof                                            DIN Rail Mounting

High Current  Low Voltage                       XLR 

 Brands include JST, Anderson, Phoenix Contact, Neutrik and Wago

 Users include LED lighting , theatres, narrow boats, recreational vehicles,nightclubs, excavators, off grid installations, forestry equipment, theme park rides, camper vans, trawlers, stage sets, refrigeration,  leisure cruisers,caravans, dark rides and landscape lighting.