LED Pixels

LED Pixels, Individually addressable RGB and RGBW  LEDs 

Every single LED is independently controllable and simply connected together by 3 pin connectors.

Available in 5V , 12V and 24V versions

LED Pixel Strip , self adhesive strip with individually controllable colour changing LEDs available in spacing from 30 LEDs per meter to 320 LEDs per meter

Pixel LED Brite Dots robust little colour changing sparklers that are easy to mount anywhere, even on clothing and curtains.

Pixel LED Brite Blocs, tough waterproof modules for tough outdoor conditions.

Pixel LED Nodes, 12mm waterproof nodes very popular for exterior lighting all year ,very popular for Holiday lighting.

Power LED Pixel, high power LED controlled and mixable with other Pixels.

Simply connected together in series, data is passed one to the next by a single data line.

Commonly using WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, WS2815,  GS2808 , SK6813 Pixel LEDS