Power Supplies

Low Voltage Power Supply Units for LEDs, drivers,controllers, decoders and dimmers including DMX 512, COB LED, Constant Current and Constant Voltage drivers.

5V, 12V and 24 V LED Power Supply for RGB, RGBW, RGBWA  , Colour Temperature Tuneable  and Pixel LEDs

Plug In , compact,  low power output LED power, plug top style.

Desktop style, higher power , ready to use in enclosed box  with separate mains lead.

DIN Rail Mounting, PSU units that accompany our DIN Rail terminals for straightforward modular construction.

Chassis mounting, highest power frame power supply units for mounting inside an enclosure.


Our Range is representative and we have many other PSUs available on short lead times.

Always happy to advise on which power supply is suitable for your LED project, just contact us.


Power Supply Units, PSUs,  are the critical component of any LED display, not only can failure leave your display dark, it could cause permanent damage.

Our experience is that low cost power supplies are a high stakes gamble.

LedShed only use and stock the highest quality LED power supplies with at minimum a 2 year warranty.

LedShed since 2005