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LED Strip Tape Cut to Length Service


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LED Strip Tape Cut to Length Service

  • LED Strip Cut to Length
  • Connectors Mounted
  • No Soldering!
  • Made to Measure
  • Delivered Ready To Plug and Play

Step 1:

Measure the length of where you need to mount the LED strip, if its a curved surface use a length of string or cable along the run and then measure the straightened out length against a tape measure.

Longest single length of strip is usually 5 metres.

60 LED per Metre strip cuts every 16.66mm.

144 LED per Metre Strip cuts every 6.5mm 

We cut the strip to the nearest measurement, then in addition 

Please Allow 15mm on input for cable and 15mm on output for cable if required.End of run will not require an output cable.

LedShed terminates strip using our Strip Joint Strain Relief

For example 1m of LED strip will actually be 1.03m with cable on either end.


Step 2:

Select a Connector or Bare Wire Ends.

0.25" Crimped Blade Terminals

JST SM,  the standard connector fitted on 5M reels.

Anderson PowerPoleheavy duty connector.

SP-13, waterproof , locking, for LEDs being used in wet environments.


Step 3:

Add the Cut to Length Service to your basket, priced  per connection.

Add appropriate total length of Pixel tape to your basket, to the next nearest meter,

For example cut length needed 1.75m . Order 2 metres, any excess will be sent with your order unterminated as spare or add another cut order to add termination on the excess.

For Example :

1.75m cut with connectors both ends:

2 M strip + 2 Cut Orders.

Connector 1 end of excess strip + 1 Cut Order.

PLEASE REMEMBER To add a note of LED  types, lengths and connectors/bare ends with your order, we can only proceed on instructions.

Depending on workshop load it may take up to 5 days to process your cut order.