LED Strip FAQs and Tips

LED Pixel Strip also known as LED Pixel Tape, Dream Color Strip, Dynamic LED tape ,Symphony light strip

LED Pixel Strip is an extremely versatile flexible strip with individually controllable LEDs mounted along the length.

A self adhesive backing means that positioning is as simple as peel and stick.

LedShed holds stock of the most popular types with less common types on short lead times.

5V and 12V

All LED Pixels use 5V for Data.

5V LED Strip, compatible with USB power sources, does require frequent power injection on long runs.

12V LED Strip allows longer runs with less frequent power injection.

Density: LEDs per Meter

30 LEDs per metre can look a bit sparse in most projects and we do not stock or recommend it for that reason.60 LED/m can be run at lowered brightness if power consumption is a concern.

60 LEDs per metre is the most popular density for good reason, rule of thumb is that 5V ,60 LEDs per Metre tape will require power injected every 5m. 

12V Tape , rule of thumb is power injection required, 60 LEDs per Metre tape, every 10 metres.

144 LEDs per Metre, high density for very fluid displays and fine colour gradients along the strip.

Rule is power injection is required every 1m or in a 2 metre strip , power injected from both ends. 144 LED/m strip if run at high brightness runs noticeably warm, for preference mount in aluminium extrusion or a metal surface.

 Ingress Protection,  IP ratings:

LedShed only stock and recommend IP20 , uncoated , LED strip.

IP65, silicone coated, LED strip can have issues with the silicone coating yellowing and moisture ingress below the coating. 

IP68, silicone tubed, LED strip is difficult to cut and terminate and the tube used has little mechanical strength. 

For use in damp environments we recommend LED strip is mounted in aluminium extrusion or in our extruded silicone Tape Tube.


LED Strip is supplied with a self adhesive coating on the back, with a paper covering, allowing peel and stick positioning.

For permanent mounting it is recommended to provide additional mounting or adhesive,either a bead of neutral cure silicone along either side of the tape or additional VHB tape to the back of the strip. Alternatively for soft substrates pinned with our Strip Clips.

Neutral Cure silicone does not have a strong smell of vinegar that Acetoxy Cure Silicones do, acetic acid in those silicones will attack copper and solder.


LED tape is a polymide base with copper tape bonded on and LEDs soldered to the copper.

Copper and solder joints become brittle with continued flexing.

We reccomend that LED strip is not continually flexed as it may cause intermittent or total failure.