Ultra BrightGlow in the Dark Stars


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Glow in the Dark for the 21st Century!
using 21st Century technology Lookinglass Luminescence Glow in the Dark SuperStars a reassuring pastel green glow.

A lot of people have very fond memories of Glow In The Dark, Luminous Stars decorating their ceiling, and we all fell asleep so fast , that we didn`t notice the glow would fade so quickly.
For years have looked for a Glow in The Dark product that would keep on glowing on.
Tried many but. plastic Glow in the Dark Stars and shapes worked a bit better than the old paper outline stickers but they still just don`t glow on for long.

Using the very latest developments in phosphors and rare earth minerals developed for industrial and marine safety applications not just a fast fading glow for a few minutes but a

Glow that is visible for hours!

The Lookinglass Luminescence StarField pack includes 150+ Minor Stars (we lost count at 150..) (approx 7mm across)
82 Major Stars (approx 14mm across)
10 Giant Stars (approx 37mm across)
260+ total Glow in the Dark SuperStars

Lookinglass Luminescence Glow in the Dark SuperStars
made from the highest quality material with a pressure sensitive Permanent adhesive
apply to a clean dry surface
they will adhere to painted or varnished surfaces
gloss or emulsion
vehicle paintwork plastics
soft material will conform to curved surfaces such as phone and laptop cases

Unlike luminous paint Lookinglass Luminescence Glow in the Dark Superstars require no light coloured undercoat to work to their best, just as effective on dark backgrounds