Ultra Bright Glow In The Dark Moon


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Ultra Bright Glow In The Dark Moon
Like a light battery Lookinglass Luminescence Glow in the Dark SpaceShapes store up light energy when in daylight or under artificial light and the release it slowly throughout the night with a reassuring pastel green glow.
Upto 10 Times brighter than old style Glow in the Dark, GITD,luminous, products
Glows for 10 hours+!
No light coloured backing required, Works just great on Dark backgrounds
Very high quality stickers will conform to uneven surfaces
Lifespan in excess of 10 years Super Luminous materials that only became available since the turn of the Century, truly a 21st Century product

The very latest developments in phosphors and rare earth minerals developed for industrial and marine safety applications also seen in watches such as Luminova.

Glow that is visible for hours!

The Lookinglass Luminescence Moon is approx 200mm in diameter

All on a super easy to use clear application film!
Peel off the backing paper
Rub down through the clear application film
Peel away application film just like a transfer!