DMX 512 Over Category 5 (CAT 5) Ethernet Cable, XLR and RJ45 Connectors


LedShed RJ45 to XLR 3 Adaptors

Our range of RJ45 to XLR3 Adaptors uses 2 pairs of the Cat 5 cable, one twisted pair carries Data + & - , the other pair Ground. 

 The wiring colour code used matches ESTA`s recommended color code for DMX 512 over Ethernet Cabling and is used by most LED drivers and lighting units using a RJ45 Port for DMX 512.

Allows use of CAT 5 cabling for single universe of DMX .

These are passive adaptors and do not convert DMX to Ethernet.

TL:DR Version

Yes,Cat 5 Cable is absolutely fine for DMX use and is often used in large installations.


DMX 512  is a very robust protocol based on RS 485 ,tolerant of cable types and will usually work even along microphone cable.

Balanced Mic cable has a characteristic impedance of 60 Ohms , DMX prefers 110 Ohms ,where possible avoid using mic cable for DMX. 

Conversely balanced audio will usually be fine over Cat 5 Cable.

AES/EBU Digital Audio cable has a characteristic impedance of 110 Ohms and is also fine for DMX.

CAT 5 cable has characteristic impedance of 110 Ohms making it suitable for DMX use.

  • Cat 5 is 8 core as 4 twisted pairs.
  • STP is Shielded Twisted Pair usually foil and braid overall screen. 
  • UTP is Unshielded Twisted Pair and has no screen
  • CCA  Copper Clad Aluminium , copper plated aluminium conductors , avoid.


    Solid Core Cat 5 is typically supplied in a 1000ft 330m Box, suitable for installation or one time temporary use, re use will fracture conductors.

    Terminate Solid Core Cat 5 to Punch Down or Crimp on Plugs, soldering solid core Cat 5 is prone to stress failure over time.

    Stranded Core Cat 5 is typically supplied as flexible Patch Lead in a wide variety of colours.

    Cat 5 Patch Leads are insulated in soft vinyl and do not make good long term temporary DMX cables.

    Stranded will solder to connectors.