27 Channel DMX 512 LED Driver Dimmer

Regular price £49.99

  • 27 individually DMX controlled channels
  • 1A ouput per channel
  • 15A total load per board
  • Outputs Grouped as 9 groups of 3 for RGB LEDs
  • 256 level dimming per channel
  • Outputs on screw terminals
  • DMX Start address set by DIP Switch
  • Ready assembled PCB for installation into your projects
  • 200mm  x 85mm  x 25mm

A great compact solution to multiple LED control in a compact board, use with 27 channels of discrete LED or up to 9 Groups of RGB LEDs all under individual dmx control.

Great for those bargraph and LED batten displays.

Easily integrate DMX LED control into your project, artwork, garden lights, Christmas decorations,  theatre, nightclub, bar or home.