`Copper Wire` LED String in Pink, Warm White, Cool White and Multi colours

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`Copper Wire` LED String

Tiny points of light on a shape holding wire string.

LED directly mounted to wire pair with a drop of epoxy to water proof it.

  • Available in 2, 5 and 10m lengths
  • LEDs mounted every 10cm.
  • Complete with 3 AA switchable battery box
  • Warm White
  • Cool White
  • Pink
  • Multicoloured (red , green, blue, white)

Instant sparkle where it`s needed, popular for table centerpiece lighting,indoor and  out for tree and plant lighting , looks great in a bottle or mason jar lights as a side light,  adds a glow to props.

Recommend spooling the wire from original packaging on to a cardboard tube or similar before final placement.

It is possible to operate these strings from other  LED drivers.


 Qty Per unit excl VAT Incl Vat
  2 Meters 20 LEDs  2.46   2.95
 5 Meters 50 LEDs 4.13    4.95
10 Meters 100 LEDs 6.24    7.49