LED Driver Booster 3 Channel 4A Channel

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3 Channel Driver Booster, RGB Amplifier

  • Compatible with most PWM based LED Drivers
  • Conection via Screw Terminal Phoenix Style plug in connectors
  • 4A Per Channel maximum
  • 48W @ 12V Per Channel
  • 96W @ 24V per Channel
  • 12-24V D.C. Supply
  • Common Anode
  • 3 Channels
  • Power in via 2.1mm DC or Phoenix Style Plug In

Driver booster suitable for all types of constant voltage LED products like strips,blocs and tape.

12 - 24V supply allows use with 12 or 24V products

Robust metal cased unit, thousands in professional use.


Why use a LED Driver/controller Booster?

A lot of LED drivers/controllers have limited output capability, 1A (12W @12V) is common, which means multiple controllers to control more LEDs. Adding boosters means your existing controller can control as many LEDs as you want.

Why don`t you make 30A LED Controllers?

30A at 12V is a lot of current, 360W , going just 3m

Required Cable Size 16 mm
Voltage Drop 0.252 Volts.
Percentage Drop 2.1%

Solution is to mount your mains power supplies and LED Driver/Controller Booster(s) near to the LEDs they are controlling.

How far away can I mount LED Driver/controller Booster from the main controller?

Easily 100m, as the unit is an amplifier the connection to the inputs of the LED Driver/Controller Booster is low current, simply connect from the LED outputs of your Driver/Controller to the inputs on the LED Driver/Controller Booster using any suitable cable, CAT5 and alarm cable are suitable for reasonable runs.

Then connect a suitably rated Power Supply Unit to the LED Driver/Controller Booster and your LEDs to the outputs.

I still have questions, ideas , not sure what I need for my project, can you help?

Of course, our parent company has specialised in LED lighting for more than 10 years, we understand in depth the products we sell, have experience of making projects large and small happen for our customers and are here to answer questions before and after the sale.